Thank You For Inquiring About Starting The Home Purchase Process

Please complete the online pre approval at the link below and it will be sent to the lending team.

 Once we receive your results we will contact you to discuss your home search and the next steps. This occurs 24-48 hours after your pre qualification with the loan officer has been completed.


Welcome to ANB Homes & Finance, a real estate company.

We utilize a preferred lending team for a free & instant look into whether we can begin your home search.  Offering Real Estate Services and Lending Services all in one makes it convenient for clients...with our team your loan is steps away.

Our program: Begins with a quick screening. Once that is complete, a credit report is pulled by the loan officer and carefully evaluated for any issues that may need attention prior to beginning your home search process.

Provided there are no issues to address, we move to document collection and the client coordinator gathers all income supporting documents to build your loan file. 

Home Search begins: Once you complete your loan consultation and all documents are in, our real estate team will contact you to go over what you are hoping to find in a home and the locations you would like to center your home searches around.